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The field of cyber security has many jobs, career paths, and education options. To help you thrive in your dream career, we’ve developed a state-by-state guide offering cyber security degree programs, as well as useful information on career paths within the cyber security field, overviews of professional security certifications, courses & bootcamps in cybersecurity, and more.

Explore Cyber Security Degree Programs

A career defending the digital world from cyber attacks and enforcing secure privacy begins with a degree. In addition to creating a guide to choosing a cyber security degree, we’ve researched the entire nation for reputable programs.

In our state-by-state college and university guide, you can search for:

Discover How to Become a Cyber Security Professional

It’s the perfect time to start your cyber security journey. According to LinkedIn News‘ 2023 report on cyber security trends, the demand for talent continues to grow. As technology becomes part of every industry, so do cyber crimes – job postings for cyber security positions grew by 25%.

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